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Last updated 03/11/2021 06:20

Sustainable eating, we hear it everywhere but what does it mean? Sustainable eating is all about finding that sweet spot between sustainable food consumption habits and healthy food for our bodies. 

This balance is found by using sustainable farming techniques, shopping methods, and eating choices. Thankfully, Electrolux in partnership with SideChef and Le Cordon Bleu, have convenient apps to help you easily create a healthier you and tasty meals.

Getting started with Electrolux and SideChef

Step #1

First, download the My Electrolux Kitchen App and register your oven.

Step #2

Go to the partner section to redeem your 12-month free subscription with SideChef.

Step #3

Download the SideChef app and follow the instructions to link your Electrolux oven to SideChef.

The SideChef app is a premium end-to-end cooking platform that offers recipes, meal planning, and instructional videos, which you get 12-months free access to when you register your smart steam oven from Electrolux.

Step #4 - Here’s a yummy idea!

In the SideChef app you can access and enjoy sustainable and tasty recipes. Wondering what recipe to try first? How about something that is pleasing to the eye and satisfies that sweet tooth. Our Carrot Flan with Red Pepper Coulis is the dessert that will make you want to skip dinner and go straight to this plant-based delicacy, but with tasty treats this healthy, why not eat dessert first!

Ready, go, cook!

Ready to try tasty and easy to make sustainable dishes? Then just click here to get 12-months of free access so you can begin your journey to a whole new cooking experience. Sustainable eating with Electrolux allows us to help you shape living for the better, all while making sure the food on your plate is delicious.

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Spare parts & Accessories

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