Oven pyrolytic self - cleaning function gives poor results

Last updated 30/11/2022 09:20


  • Oven pyrolytic self-cleaning function gives poor results

Applies to

  • Oven with pyrolytic self-cleaning function


1. If a burnt grease residue continues to appear after finishing a pyrolytic self-clean:

  • Select an intensive Pyrolytic program. The number of Pyrolytic programs available may vary depending on the model. 
  • See the user manual for more information. Download the user manual.

2. Remove all parts from the oven.

3. Excess waste must be removed before Pyrolytic cleaning.

Light: 1 h for slightly dirty.

Normal: 1 h 30 min for moderately dirty.

Intensive: 2 h 30 min for very dirty.

4. If spots continue to appear after finishing the Pyrolytic self-cleaning function:

These permanent colour changes in the enamel can, for example, be caused by fruit juices or greasy impurities in combination with high temperatures.

  • These spots can not be removed.
  • These are usage traces.
  • They have no influence on the usability of the device and are not a defect.

Recommended: Perform the Pyrolytic program more often to prevent similar situations from occurring again.

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