Oven clock flashes or time displaying 00:00 / 12:00

Last updated 05/02/2021 13:59


  • Oven clock flashes
  • Oven clock displays "0:00" or "12:00" and flashes
  • How to set the oven clock?

Applies to

  • integrated oven
  • freestanding cooker


How to Set the oven clock

         With rotary dials

    • press the clock button until the clock symbol appears in the display
    • turn the temperature knob to set the hour
    • the display shows the set hour and the 00 flashes
    • turn the knob for the temperature to set the minutes
    • press to confirm
    • the display shows the set time
    • after a few seconds the clock will set itself

    If you have a digital display

    • you must set the clock before operating the oven function
    • Press the + or - on the digital display to set the correct time
    • setting the hour first and then the minutes
    • after approximately 5 seconds the display will stop flashing and the time will be set.

             If you have a command wheel

  • Turn the dial to menu
  • go to basic settings
  • select time of day
  • turn the dial to select the correct time
  • then turn the oven off and the correct time will show.

 Please see instructional video 


  • Flashing "0:00" on the clock’s display may be caused by a power failure in the socket which the oven is connected to.