Make leftovers taste freshly cooked

Last updated 16/01/2023 12:28

Thanks to Steam Regeneration your leftovers are going to get called a lot of names…like tasty, yummy, and delicious!

We totally understand that when it comes to eating leftovers, that’s something that usually doesn’t get you excited. When you first ate it, it was everything your palate dreamed of. But now it’s yesterday’s cuisine…but what if you could make your food taste as good as it did when you ate it the first time. Well with the Steam Regeneration feature from our Electrolux Steam Ovens you can. 

Steam Regeneration lets you reheat your food and recover its best taste, by gently distributing steam to keep the surface from getting dry, but at the same time preventing your food from turning soggy. Helping your reheated dish regain that just-prepared taste.

Steam Regeneration conveniently allows you to reheat food directly on the plate. Simply select settings ->specials-> Steam Regeneration. Place for example your lasagne at shelf position 2, and let it remain in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. And get ready to enjoy your leftovers like they were newly made.

When using Steam Regeneration or reheating leftovers in general, remember that different foods take different amounts of time to be thoroughly reheated and ready to eat. For example, poultry and meats will take longer to reheat than vegetables. Use the proper reheating time based on the food you are cooking so you can always enjoy leftovers safely and make sure that they taste great.

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