Make healthy snacks in your steam oven

Last updated 14/02/2023 08:04

Preserved, pickled or dehydrated - a steam oven makes healthy, tasty snacks from your favourite fruits and vegetables.

Get snacking

Making healthy snacks at home is easy - just select your favourite fruits or vegetables that are currently in season. Then have a go at either preserving or dehydrating them. Preserved fruits are great on your breakfast porridge or as a midday snack. Pickled vegetables are a great side or pre-dinner snack. When dehydrating fruits or vegetables, you get healthy crisps that everyone will love.

Preserving or infusing fruit and vegetables

When making jam or pickles, why not take advantage of your steam function? First, make sure you have clean jars and then steam the jars and the lid in Full Steam for 10 min. After steaming, take them out (they will be hot!) and make sure you get the excess water out by resting them upside down on a grid.

The next step is to fill the jar with whatever you want to preserve - try what's in season in your region, most things work well! The once filled, twist on the lid and steam in the oven. The time varies depending on the recipe you're making, but when you hear a clicking sound from the lids, it´s usually time to take the jars out of the oven.

How to preserve fresh fruit and vegetables? There are a variety of different recipes, but a general rule is to fill the jars with the produce (whole or chopped), some spices or flavouring and then cover them with liquid before it goes in the steam oven.

Making dehydrated healthy snacks

When dehydrating fruits and vegetables, you don't need a steam oven (even though some of our Electrolux steam ovens have a special Dehydrating programme), but it's a nice way of preparing healthy snacks that are either sweet or savoury. Below is one of our favourites, but try it out with whatever you like or what's in season. 

How to dehydrate fruit: Apple crisps

2 Granny Smith apples, 1tbs powdered sugar

Slice the apples thinly using a mandoline.

Lay the slices on a silicone sheet or baking paper.

Dust the apples with the sugar and bake at 85°C (or use the Dehydrating programme) for 1 ½ hours. Enjoy!

Crispy, golden brown and perfectly moist

In SteamCrisp ovens, regular heat is combined with steam to make your dishes crispy and golden brown on the outside while the insides are moist, tender with nutrients and taste perfectly preserved.

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