How to use the pizza function on your Electrolux oven

Last updated 07/05/2024 10:58

Křupavá pizza s funkcí pizza

Enjoy delicious oven-baked pizza using the pizza function on your Electrolux oven. You will find this function on selected oven models.

What is the pizza function and why should you use it?

As the name suggests, this function is optimised to get perfect results for homemade pizza. High circulation of hot air and heat from above, combined with bottom heat, are crucial for getting a bubbling cheese and sauce topping, along with the crispiest crust. When using the pizza function, the fan and the top-and bottom heat work together to evenly bake your pizza. You can also use this function to bake perfectly crisp crusts for your tart, quiche, pie or bread.

How to use the pizza function

1. Select the pizza function on your oven and set the temperature. The ideal cooking temperature is between 200°C and 230°C

2. Preheat the oven tray before placing your pizza on it for best results 

3. Put your pizza on the oven tray and place it on the third shelf position in the oven cavity

4. Let your pizza cook for 15-20 minutes

The pizza function will have this symbol on your oven:

Pizza icon

Tips and tricks

  • Using a hot pizza stone is ideal for making pizza, as it conducts and retains heat. This allows the bottom to have an even, crisp surface. Discover more about cooking with the pizza stone 
  • When using the pizza function, you can generally set the temperature 20-40°C lower than you would for Top/Bottom heat functions 
  • Bake on only one shelf position for both intensive browning and a crispy bottom 
  • The pizza function can also be used for foods other than pizza. See suggestions below to start exploring
FoodTemperature °CTime (min)Shelf position
Pizza (thin crust) 200 - 23015 - 203
Pizza (with a lot of topping) 180 - 20020 - 303
Tarts180 - 20040 - 553
Spinach flan160 - 18045 - 603
Quiche Lorraine (Savoury flan)170 - 19045 - 553
Swiss Flan170 - 19045 - 553
Cheesecake140 - 16060 - 903
Apple cake, covered150 - 17050 - 603
Vegetable pie160 - 18050 - 603

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here

Now that you've mastered the art of pizza making using the pizza function, you may want to learn more about other easy-to-use functions your oven has to offer. Click here for an overview of oven functions and symbols.

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