How to use AssistedCooking on your Electrolux oven

Last updated 30/10/2023 14:03

Woman looking at her phoneGet perfectly cooked dishes every time. AssistedCooking helps you find the best oven function and settings to use for the dish you want to cook, and the results you desire. Discover the fantastic capabilities of your new oven with our AssistedCooking feature. You will find this function on selected Electrolux oven models.

What is AssistedCooking and why should you use it?

AssistedCooking is a useful feature that helps you select the best oven function and settings based on what you are cooking. If you know what you want to cook and would like suggestions on how to set the oven to get the results you desire, turn to AssistedCooking. Simply enter the function and answer step-by-step questions as to what you are cooking and the results you desire (e.g., rare, medium, well done), and AssistedCooking will suggest how to set the oven. You can adjust the suggested settings, and if you’re using the app, you may also send them directly to the oven to start cooking.

You can access AssistedCooking either from the Electrolux app, or directly on your oven controls. 

If your oven has the EXPlore LED display, here is an article to further explain the AssistedCooking programme numbers.

How to use AssistedCooking

1. Select ASSISTEDCOOKING on the oven MENU or in the Electrolux app
2. Select your dish and cooking preferences in the step-by-step guidance
3. AssistedCooking suggests time, function and temperature. You can adjust these settings if you wish
4. If you are using the app: send the settings to the oven
5 Press START to begin cooking

Tips and tricks

  • The oven will signal when 10% of the cooking time is left. You can extend the cooking time or change the cooking function depending on your preference
  • The Food Sensor is suggested in many AssistedCooking scenarios – we suggest you use it as it offers added accuracy and control
  • Please note: AssistedCooking is not a cooking programme, but a guidance function. Therefore, you will not find it on your oven’s list of cooking functions – you will find AssistedCooking on most models under the MENU

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

Now that you have learned about AssistedCooking, you may want to learn more about how to use the app with your smart oven.

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