How to reduce food waste

Last updated 15/05/2020 13:22

Did you know that we throw away 1/3 of all the food that we buy? 

What if you could turn waste into taste?

Is food waste avoidable?

Our waste can be split into three categories: avoidable, unavoidable and possibly avoidable. 

Reduction of food waste 

61% of waste is avoidable - food that could have been eaten if it had been managed better, 

19% is unavoidable - things like tea bags or chicken bones. 

Recipes to reduce food waste 

20% is classified as possibly avoidable. This includes potato skins, broccoli stems and leafy offcuts etc. 

These can be eaten, and enjoyed, if they are properly prepared. Here is how to turn this waste into taste:

Potato Skin Chips

Beetroot Leaf Pesto

Broccoli Stem Salad

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