How to clean the Electrolux oven manually? (video)

Last updated 19/05/2022 12:22


  • How to clean the oven manually?

Applies to

  • built-in oven
  • freestanding cooker


Important to always turn off your oven and only clean when oven has cooled down.

1. Remove trays and shelf supports.

2. Spray cavity with Electrolux Oven and Micro Care.

3. Wipe down whole cavity and inner glass door.

4. Wipe dry.

5. Return shelf supports and trays.

6. Remove and clean oven door. 

When oven door is removed please lay door on a flat soft surface to avoid scratches.  

  • release clips on bottom of oven door
  • remove door
  • return the cleaned door
  • switch clips to lock

This is an example of an AEG Oven door being removed but the functionality is the same.

To see how to remove your oven door, clips and to remove glass to clean inside panels

 please click the play button on the video below :-

This Instructional video below will include  :-

1)  What you will need for an efficient clean

2)  Remove door to clean

3)  Release clips to remove and return door 

4) switch to lock

Click play to find out more.

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