How to clean and care for your Electrolux oven

Last updated 18/06/2024 13:58

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It’s important to clean your Electrolux oven regularly – both for hygiene reasons and to keep the oven and accessories in peak condition. Simple and consistent care of your oven will improve its performance, both in the short and long term.

Your oven will have different cleaning needs depending on the model and type. Different Electrolux ovens may have a variety of cleaning functions to support their upkeep – check which ones apply to your specific oven model. Combine with our range of oven care products for the best results.

Keeping your oven clean

Everyday cleaning:

  • Cavity: Optimally, the cavity should be cleaned after each use. Wipe down the cavity and inner glass door with a soft cloth
  • Front of oven: Clean the front of the oven with a soft cloth, warm water and a mild detergent
  • Metal surfaces: Use a cleaning solution to clean metal surfaces
  • Stains: Clean stains with a mild detergent

For the front of the oven, metal surfaces and stains, we recommend the Oven and Micro Care spray.

More thorough cleaning:

First, explore which cleaning programmes that come with your oven. These will support both every day and thorough cleaning needs. Sometimes you will need to perform a deeper cleaning of the shelf supports and glass door. An overview of how to clean these areas can be found below.

  • Clean the shelf support: For a more thorough clean, we advise removing the shelf support. You do this by pulling the front of the shelf support away from the wall, and then repeating with the back end of the support. Clean the shelf supports by soaking them in the sink or washing them in the dishwasher
  • Inner glass door: It’s possible to remove and clean the inner glass of the door if it becomes dirty. Refer to the user manual to see how this is done on your specific oven model. Carefully remove the glass panes and clean with a wet cloth or use an oven cleaner for particularly stubborn food debris. We recommend the Oven and Micro Care spray

Cleaning products

Our recommended care products can be purchased in our webshop.

  • Oven and Micro Care spray
  • Steam Care – Steam oven descaler
  • Steam Oven Care Set – cleaner and descaler

Cleaning reminders

Many of our ovens feature cleaning reminders. The oven will remind you when it’s time to clean and/or descale for continued optimal performance. The reminders can be enabled and disabled in the SETTINGS menu, or accessed via our official app.

Cleaning programmes

Below is an overview of different cleaning programmes available in our ovens that facilitate keeping them clean. Please refer to your oven or user manual to find out which programme applies to your model.

Catalytic Cleaning – catalytic liners absorb grease, which is loosened and easily removed after running the cleaning programme. Learn more about Catalytic Cleaning.

Pyrolytic Cleaning – dirt, grease and food residue are turned into ashes at high temperatures and effortlessly wiped away. Learn more about Pyrolytic Cleaning.

AquaClean – uses humidity to pre-treat grease and food residue, making it easier to clean your oven. Learn more about AquaClean.

If you have a steam oven

If you have a steam oven, you may also have the following programmes.

Steam Cleaning – an automatic cleaning function that uses steam to soften grease and residue, making it easier to clean your oven. Learn more about Steam Cleaning.

Steam Cleaning PLUS – a more intensive steam cleaning programme. Learn more about Steam Cleaning.

Drying – you can run this cleaning programme to dry out the oven cavity after cooking with steam.

Descaling – from time to time you need to descale the steaming system. This function helps you with that. Learn more about Descaling.


  • Always ensure the oven is cool before cleaning
  • Always ensure the oven is cool before cleaning when using oven cleaner sprays, spray the cleaner on a cloth and wipe the cavity as opposed to spraying it directly into the cavity itself. This can cause the cleaner to impact capillary cables behind the fan over time
  • Any cleaning detergent used must be non-abrasive

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

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