How to bake with your Electrolux steam oven

Last updated 29/08/2023 10:00

Baking bread and cake using a steam oven

Steam has been a professional bakery secret for years. Now you can effortlessly create the same results at home by using your Electrolux steam oven’s built-in functions. The functions available on your oven depend on the model.

You can bake with your Electrolux steam oven in several different ways:

  • Dough proving function: Steam creates the perfect environment for your dough to prove evenly, rise faster and become airier without worrying about cold drafts
  • Bread baking function: Bake perfectly risen bread with a moist interior and a crispy crust
  • Steamify® function: Make evenly baked cake with a soft, moist inside with maximum flavour, and browned crispy edges
  • Manual setting: Set the steam level for bread and cake baking manually

Dough proving function

The Dough proving function on your steam oven provides the optimal environment to prove dough.

  • Place the dough in a dish on the level one shelf. There is no need to cover the dough, thanks to the humidity
  • Select the Dough proving function and watch as the dough begins to rise
  • The temperature is automatically set at 35°C, which is a suitable temperature for dough proving in steam

Bread baking function

Use the Bread baking function to prepare bread and bread rolls with a professional result in terms of crispiness, colour and crust gloss.

The Bread baking function:

  • Adds steam to help the dough rise, and then a combination of steam and heat to achieve a perfectly golden-brown crust
  • Provides an optimal temperature and environment for yeast mixtures
  • Starts at 180 °C but can be set manually according to the recipe for the bread you’re baking

Steamify® function

If your oven has the Steamify® function, it will make it easier than ever to bake with steam.

  • Select Steamify® and set the temperature as indicated in your recipe. Based on the temperature, the oven automatically sets the steam level for you
  • When using Steamify®, the oven will tell you what results you can expect based on temperature, for example, that 155-230°C is perfect for baking to give your bread or cake a delicately crispy exterior while keeping the inside moist and tender
  • If you set the timer while on this temperature level, the bottom heat turns on for the last few minutes creating a crispy bottom. Learn more about how to use Steamify®

Manually setting steam level

If your oven doesn't have the Bread baking or Steamify® function, set the desired steam level manually. When baking bread or cake with steam, you can choose different humidity levels – and combine with dry heat for a crispy finish. Depending on your oven model, you may have up to four levels of humidity to cook with.

If you have the option, choose:

  • Humidity Medium – for baking bread and sweet doughs
  • Humidity Low – for pies, muffins and biscuits

Then set the desired temperature and start baking. Finish off with dry heat for a crispier surface.

Tips and tricks

  • Try refreshing day-old bread by heating it up with a bit of steam for a few minutes. The Steam Regenerating function available on selected models is optimal for this
  • When baking buns or small yeast breads, make sure the baking paper doesn’t extend beyond the baking tray. The redundant baking paper provides an incorrect flow in the hot air and skews the heat distribution
  • Use the patisserie tray with perforated holes that aid in better heat circulation, which helps achieve that perfect golden crust. For more information about the patisserie tray and other accessories, visit our Webshop

For more information about your specific oven model, check the user manual. You can find your user manual here.

Now that you have learned about baking bread and cake with steam, click here to learn more on how to cook with steam.

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