Electrolux Oven and Microwave functions/symbols

Last updated 10/05/2021 10:05


I don't know what the function is on my Electrolux Oven or Microwave

Applies to

Electrolux Ovens

Electrolux Combination Microwaves

Electrolux Microwaves


We have a wide range of ovens and each model will have its own range of cooking functions to choose from.  Using the correct function for the food type you're wanting to cook can make a big difference in taste, texture and overall finish to your end result. 

Understanding the functions will allow you to get the best results from your appliance.  

The most common functions are listed directly below.

Should you wish to find even more functions and their benefits, the links below will take you to the appropriate appliance type and show functions and some tips to help get the best from your appliance.

Electrolux Single & Compact Oven Functions.

Electrolux Combination Oven With Microwave and Microwave Functions.

Electrolux Double Oven Functions.

Electrolux Steam Oven Functions.

Should your function not be listed on any of the pages, please do let us know and we will update the article.