Electrolux Oven and Microwave Functions/Symbols

Last updated 12/04/2022 05:50


  • I don't know what the function is on my Electrolux Oven or Microwave

Applies to

  • Electrolux Ovens
  • Electrolux Combination Microwaves
  • Electrolux Microwaves


We have a wide range of functions on our ovens, for ease of use we have broken them down into PDFs, this will allow you to keep them on your phone or computer and access them whenever you need them. We encourage you to use these PDFs if you no longer have your manual.

To open, simply click the PDF that matches your oven type:

Single Oven & Compact Oven Functions.pdf

Electrolux Double Oven Functions.pdf

Electrolux Combination Ovens and Microwave Functions.pdf

Electrolux Steam Functions.pdf

Here are some functions that you may find are also on your oven/microwave:

Timer functions

Should your function not be listed on any of the pages, please do let us know and we will update the article.