Connected Oven displays error code F601 or F604

Last updated 19/07/2023 08:11


  • Oven displays error code F601 or F604

Applies to

  • Integrated Oven


If your oven displays error message F601 or F604, refer to the suggestions below:




F601there is a problem with WiFi signal.Check your network connection. Refer to the user manual, "Before first use" chapter, Wireless connection.
F604the first connection to WiFi failed.Turn the oven off and on and try again.
Refer to the user manual, "Before first use" chapter, Wireless connection.


1. Reset the appliance's WiFi settings and run onboarding again. CLICK HERE for help with this.

2. Move your WiFi router closer to the appliance.

3. Contact your WiFi service provider to ensure a connection is available.

4. Make sure the WiFi signal is not disrupted by a microwave.

When one of these error messages continues to appear on the display it means there may be a faulty subsystem that has been disabled.

If all steps above have been followed and your appliance is still not connecting, please click on the 'Book A Repair' link on the right hand side of this page to arrange a service call.

Book a repair
Book a repair

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