Uneven Cooking in Combination Microwave Oven

Last updated 19/05/2022 12:21


Uneven cooking result after Combination microwave oven use in microwave only mode.

Applies to

Combination microwave oven from the Compact Oven range - when used in microwave only function.


The main cause of uneven cooking results while using Microwave Only function is due to in correct power level set for the quantity of food and cooking duration. Too high power level for a small quantity will result in uneven cooking results.


  • Always remove all wire and metal shelves or trays during use of microwave only function (side rails may remain).
  • Place food container directly on the floor of the appliance for microwave only function.
  • Interrupt the appliance during cooking and manually rotate the food at least once.
  • See below table for MICROWAVE ONLY power level maximum time:


  • When you use the Microwave function in Combi mode the Microwave power cannot be more than 600 W.

Microwave Recommendations:

  • Place the food on a plate on the bottom of the cavity.
  • Turn or stir the food halfway through the defrosting and cooking time.
  • Cover the food for cooking and reheating.
  • Place the food into the oven without any packaging. Packaged ready meal scan be put into the oven only when the packaging is microwave safe (check information on the packaging).

Microwave cooking

  • Cook food covered. If you want to keep a crust cook food without a cover.
  • Do not overcook the dishes by setting the power and time too high. The food can dry out, burn or cause fire.
  • Do not use the oven to cook eggs or snails in their shells, because they can burst. Pierce the yolk of fried egg before reheating it.
  • Pierce food with skin or peel with a fork several times before cooking.
  • Cut vegetables into similar-sized pieces.
  • Stir liquid dishes from time to time.
  • Stir the food before serving.
  • After you turn off the oven, take the food out and let it stand for a few minutes.


Microwave defrosting

  • Put the frozen, unwrapped food on a small upturned plate with a container below it, or on a defrosting rack or plastic sieve so that the defrosting liquid can run off.
  • Remove defrosted pieces subsequently.
  • To cook fruit and vegetables without defrosting them first, you can use a higher microwave power.


The data in the table is for guidance only.



For further guidance on correct use of your Combination Microwave please refer to your user manual. If you require a copy, please click one of the links below:





If you feel there is a fault with your appliance or error code showing on the display, please follow the links below to contact our service centres:





Incorrect positioning of food / incorrect power setting / incorrect time period / omitting to rotate food midway through cook.