Uneven Cooking in Combination Microwave Oven

Last updated 02/04/2020 09:56


Uneven cooking result after Combination microwave oven use in microwave only mode.

Applies to

Combination microwave oven from the Compact Oven range - when used in microwave only function.


  • Always remove all wire and metal shelves or trays during use of microwave only function (side rails may remain).
  • Place food container directly on the floor of the appliance for microwave only function.
  • Avoid power level settings of more than 600 Watts (some models default to 600 Watts or lower and some need altering).
  • Interrupt the appliance during cooking and manually rotate the food at least once.


Incorrect positioning of food / incorrect power setting / incorrect time period / omitting to rotate food middway through cook.

Combination microwave ovens are fantastic appliances with great functionality for quicker cooking with great results.

Use of microwave only function for fast heating of small amounts of food or liquid is not the primary intended use of a Combination oven.

Characteristics and results of use of Combination ovens in microwave only function will differ from those of `Solo` microwave ovens.