How to clean your Electrolux induction hob

Last updated 05/06/2024 05:10

Electrolux induction hobs are easy to clean and maintain. Induction technology transfers heat directly into the cookware rather than the hob's surface, making spills less likely to burn as they may do on ceramic and gas hobs.

1. Ensure that all cooking zones are cold.

2. Use the hob scraper to remove any food residue or stubborn stains. Make sure to remove any plastic or sugary substances immediately.

3. Use a soft, moist cloth and hob cleaner; we recommend Vitro Care. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials such as abrasive cleansers or scouring pads, as these can scratch the surface.

4. Wipe the hob down with a soft, dry cloth. 

If you have an induction hob with an integrated extractor fan, you will also need to clean and regenerate the filter regularly. 

Good to know

  • Always use cookware with a clean base. 
  • Wipe your induction hob down after each use to keep it in top condition. 
  • Most spills, like water rings or fat stains, can be wiped off once the hob is cold.  
  • Use the lock function to avoid accidentally turning on the hob when cleaning it. Learn more about how to use the lock function.

For more information about your specific induction hob model, check the user manual.  

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