The door of the oven does not close properly

Last updated 05/03/2021 13:00


  • The door of the oven does not close properly
  • Hot air or steam escapes through the door during operation

Applies to:

  • Integrated Single and Double ovens
  • Freestanding cooker


1. Check the door release catch is not open

Oven doors have a clip, this is a great feature if you want to remove the door for cleaning, however, if the clip is open, the door will not sit straight. Below shows different hinge types in the open position. 

2. Door hinge arm stuck in the closed position with door removed.

For most AEG single ovens and built in double ovens, it is possible to lever the hinge arm out using a pry bar or flat head screwdriver. Once the arm is leveraged away from the oven housing enough push the arm all the way down to the horizontal position. Check to make sure the catches are set to open - Single oven push down on the tabs - built in double oven lift up on the tabs (Refer to open position images above). Slide the door back on to the hinge arms. Ensure door is fully seated before closing the catches. 

For most Zanussi single ovens, the hinge arm remains attached to the door. If the hinges snaps back in to the closed position after the door has been removed, the hing arms will need to be leveraged to the open position. Using an adjustable spanner or water-pump pliers, grip the hinge arm as detailed in the image below and carefully pull the hinge open. Once open make sure to lock the the hinge in position with the locking toggle as per previous step. It is now possible to fit the oven door in place. 

3. Inspect door seal

Check that there is no damage to the door seal that could cause obstruction. 

4. Damaged hinges or any other faults

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Other Resource:

How to remove AEG single oven door and glass panes for cleaning (video)

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