My heat pump is leaking water

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  • My heat pump is leaking water

Applies to:

  • Air - to - air heat pump


1. The outdoor unit.

  • During normal operation, water droplets will come from both inside and outside the unit, depending on the temperature outside, as well as the selected function (Mode).
  • The outer unit will normally give off condensation when it is cold outside and the heating function is used. 
  • From about + 7C and down, water can come from this unit. 
  • The water should come out through the hose from the indoor unit, item 15 in the picture.

1. Internal unit

2. Air inlet (internal unit)

3. Air outlet (internal unit)

4. External unit

5. Air inlet (external unit)

6. Air outlet (external unit)

7. Network cable

8. Remote control

9. Front panel

10. Filter

11. Horizontal slat

12. Wall duct

13. Tape

14. Fitting

15. Drain hose

16. Drain connection

2. The indoor unit.

The indoor unit will normally give off condensation when it is hot outside and the heat pump is used as air conditioning. 

This water should run in a hose mounted on the indoor unit, which then flows out into the open air. 

Normally this hose follows the other pipes out into the open. 

If this hose is clogged or otherwise blocked, the water may drip down from the inner part. 

You should contact your installer if you cannot locate the problem yourself. This troubleshooting is not covered by the warranty.

3. Contact Customer service.

If the above solution did not solve the problem, we recommend contacting customer service.

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