Reliable repairs whenever you need them

Our Fixed Price Repairs provide total confidence that your appliance will be fixed professionally and efficiently for an agreed cost – with no surprises. 

Fixed Price Repairs

Why choose a Fixed Price Repair?

  • Our local teams are experts in your appliances – from your tumble dryer to your dishwasher
  • Your fee is quoted and agreed at the time of booking, in advance of the engineer’s visit  
  • Our approved engineers offer a fast, professional service – ready to fix your appliance quickly and get your home running smoothly again in one visit

Book a repair

You can arrange for one of our approved, local engineers to visit and repair your appliance for a fixed fee by giving us a call.

Call Contact Centre ☎ 03445 610 642

Repairs: Which one is right for me?

Fixed Price Repair

  • Local Electrolux-approved engineers
  • Reliable and professional service  
  • One agreed, fixed fee for the repair – no surprises  
  • In the unlikely event our team cannot repair your appliance, your fee will be refunded less the cost of the callout, or the full fee can be used against a suitable replacement or upgrade 
Prices starting from £130.00

Repair & Protect

  • Local Electrolux-approved engineers
  • Reliable and professional service  
  • Pay as you go with a monthly direct debit 
  • Ongoing protection against faults and accidental damage
  • In the unlikely event our team cannot repair your appliance on the initial visit, the plan is cancelled and there will be no cost for the visit 
Prices starting from as little as £14.49 per month

Oven repairs

Whether you’re cooking everyday dishes or for a truly special occasion, you need your oven working at its best. Arrange for one of our trusted engineers to get it working again quickly and professionally.

Call Contact Centre ☎ 03445 610 642

Fridge and freezer repairs

Your carefully chosen ingredients and stored dishes need to be kept at just the right temperature. Let our approved engineers fix your fridge and freezer so you can store your chilled and frozen foods efficiently, before they go to waste.

Call Contact Centre ☎ 03445 610 642

Hob repairs

Our trusted local teams are ready to repair your hob, using their Electrolux-approved expertise and fast professional service. So you can get back to creating delicious dishes and exploring new flavours.

Call Contact Centre ☎ 03445 610 642

Cooker hood repairs

A well-functioning cooker hood is an essential part of enjoying your time cooking in the kitchen. If yours stops working effectively, book a visit from one of our local engineers to repair it quickly and for an agreed cost.

Call Contact Centre ☎ 03445 610 642

Washing machine and tumble dryer repairs

Keeping your clothes clean and ready to wear is essential to your daily routine, so if your washing machine, tumble dryer or washer dryer stops working, book a fast, professional repair with one of our trusted engineers.

Call Contact Centre ☎ 03445 610 642

Dishwasher repairs

If your dishwasher isn’t working as it should, get in touch with our expert engineers for guidance, repairs and solutions.

Call Contact Centre ☎ 03445 610 642

Other Services

Two technicians standing with a woman signing a paper

Repair & Protect

If an appliance isn’t working, you can get a fast, reliable repair with the added benefit of protection against any future problems.

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Woman adjusting the settings on an oven

Can I fix it myself?

Whatever the problem, whatever the appliance, our guide can help you establish whether or not you can fix it yourself.

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