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The 700 MaxiFlex Dishwasher drawer lets you unleash your creativity and use different tools in your kitchen. From cutlery sets to bulky utensils, you can customise the layout to accommodate many items.


All your cutlery, washed in one go with MaxiFlex

The MaxiFlex drawer is designed to fit cutlery and utensils of different shapes and sizes. Whether large or awkwardly shaped, the customisable dividers and deep drawer mean everything can be loaded with ease.

QuickLift - change the basket height even when fully loaded

Whether loading or removing dishes do it comfortably with the QuickLift basket. Even when the upper basket is fully floaded, the QuickLift system allows you to quickly raise and lower your rack to fit dishes and kitchen tools of different shapes and sizes.

3x better drying with AirDry 

The new AirDry technology uses natural airflow to finish drying, for up to 3x better performance compared to closed-door systems. The door opens 10 cm towards the end of the cycle, letting air circulate for superb drying results.

Easy installation, PerfectFit

With PerfectFit Sliding Hinges, it’s never been easier to install your new dishwasher. The hinges accommodate all niche machine heights and even remove the need to cut the plinth. You can be confident that your machine will fit into your kitchen perfectly.


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