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Keep dishes warm, reheat meals and heat plates with the 900 Warming Drawer. Meaning you can focus on your guests, knowing that another delicious dinner is taken care of.


Defrost gently in the warming drawer

Defrost food carefully using our warming drawer, for excellent results. Unlike using a microwave, the gentle heat preserves taste and texture. For food as delicious as the day you froze it.

Rise and prove dough with the warming drawer

Enjoy bakery-style results with our warming drawer. The professional tool uses gentle heat and prove your dough, creating the right texture and shape in your breads. For consistently delicious results.

Electrolux - Warming Drawer - EBD4X

Even heating with our warming drawer

Our warming drawer makes sure every dish is kept at an even temperature. Thanks to the air circulation system, you can be confident that every mouthful will be warm and delicious. Perfect for when you’re serving different dishes, at different times.


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