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The 700 microwave and grill is the quick and easy way to cook most of your favourite foods. As well as being able to do all the things you would expect from a traditional microwave, the added grill function means you have more kitchen versatility.


Grill for versatile meals

Enjoy bubbling mozzarella toasties and succulent grilled chicken in our microwave. The additional grill function means that you can enjoy your favourite dishes – fast.

Grill for golden results

From crisped bacon to bubbling mozzarella, get more out of your grill than ever before.  Perfect for crispy chicken wings and melt in your mouth halloumi. 

Enjoy the EXPlore LED display with responsive touch buttons

Explore a new way to experience your oven with the EXPlore LED Display and its responsive touch buttons. The vibrant interface gives you quick access and dynamic control of cooking time, temperature, and other features.

Thaw your food quickly with our defrost function

Your frozen food is ready quickly, thanks to the microwave's defrost function. Select the defrost function and it will start to thaw your dish, while maintaining both the flavour and the texture.

Cool oven door with Safe to Touch

Confine heat to the oven with Safe to Touch door. Our oven door is made up of multi-layered glass and finished with a reflective coating, which keeps it cool and safe. Meaning no matter how long the oven is on, it's cold enough to touch.


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