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If you love your Electrolux appliance, write a review and tell us. We’ll then enter you into our prize draw for one of our most popular blenders. We pick a lucky winner at random every week. 

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The Sport Mini Mixer blender with its extra sports bottle attachment

Smoothies on the move

This prize helps you pack more in to your day. The Sport Mini Mixer blender makes it so easy to create smoothies, you can enjoy a healthy boost anywhere, anytime. You mix your ingredients directly into the lightweight 600ml portable bottle. So it's the perfect travelling companion for when you need a kick of delicious, natural rejuvenation.    

A finely blended seafood soup
Super soups

Create silky soups just as easily. The bottle is heat resistant, giving you the choice of a warming broth as well as a refreshing beverage. 

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We want to hear what you think about our products. Your reviews are so valuable in helping us make appliances that you love having at home. In just three steps, you could be the lucky recipient of a brand new blender.

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  • The Sports Mini Mixer Blender
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