Casserole Set E3SS

Handles the heat on any hob

Whether cooking on induction, radiant or gas, the stainless steel in our pans is designed so that you can confidently use them on any hob.

The basis for better cooking

Our pans heat up effectively thanks to a thick, stable base. The design provides a direct connection with induction hobs – ensuring even heat distribution, every time.

Cook and clean, conveniently

Our frying pan's non-stick surface means you can cook without needing to add excess oil or butter. The coating also gives you a convenient cleaning – spotless with a single wipe.

Tech specification

  • Typology: Pots and Pans
  • Height (mm): 1
  • Width (mm): 1
  • Depth (mm): 1
Documents for product
  • Height (mm): 1
  • Width (mm): 1
  • Depth (mm): 1
  • Product number (PNC): 902 979 821
  • Typology: Pots and Pans


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