The Innit app
The Innit app

Orchestrating the perfect meal

So much goes into the perfect meal. To help you orchestrate food preparation, Electrolux appliances work with the Innit app so each cooking process is enhanced: From recipes based on personal preferences, to automated oven settings and step-by-step cookie guidance. Innit is dynamic. Want to use those chicken filets before they go bad? Features like “ingredient swap” allow you to switch out one single ingredient, altering the recipe based on what’s in your fridge now. Minimizing food waste. Maximizing the tastes you love.


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"What's for dinner?" Don't ask!

There’s work. Family. School. And countless other demands on your time. The most frustrating question can be: “What’s for dinner?” But by syncing your oven with the Innit app, it’s one less thing to think about. That’s because the app unlocks recipes tailored to your preferences, and the oven you have. Recipes adapted to your allergies, preferences and lifestyle choices.

Recipes tailored to your lifestyle

There are virtually endless recipes online. How to find ones adapted to things like allergies and your own personal preferences? The answer: our Innit app. Innit knows what to include (and avoid) when it comes to ingredients. And will curate recipes tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.

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Recipes of the future awaits

Become a better cook with our easy-to-follow recipes that have been designed to bring out the most of your ingredients. Exciting flavors and simple instructions—without the hassle but with all the joy of good food. Get inspired, get creative and get cooking.

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