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Ovens Buying Guide

Electrolux Ovens Buying Guide


Start by measuring your space. All ovens require 60cm of width but different types of oven fit varying heights: 

45cm – compact ovens fit neatly into a smaller space
60cm – suits a single standard size oven 
72-80cm – suits a large capacity oven or a double oven

Consider adding a Vacuum Sealer Drawer under your ProCombi SousVide Oven or a Warming Drawer under your oven to heat up plates and keep dishes warm until you're ready to serve.


If you're part of a big household or entertain often, you'll probably need a larger oven that can cope with cooking big meals. 

4+ people
 – 70+ litres is perfect for the bigger meals of a household of four or more
3-4 people –  40-70 litres is well suited to a house of three to four people
1-2 people –  35-43 litres would work well for a one to two person household  


Conventional ovens – traditional ovens with top and bottom heating elements. 

Multifunction ovens – fan ovens that include additional functions such as grilling, defrosting and turbo grilling. Fan ovens ensure a more efficient hot air circulation for evenly cooked and browned food. 

Combi steam ovens – multifuction ovens that also offer cooking programmes that use full steam or combine heat and steam for greater taste, textures and colours. 


Discover a new world of taste with steam ovens. From baking golden-brown, crusty loaves to roasting crisp-skinned, tender chicken, cooking with steam will make your favourite dishes even more delicious.

Full steam – Cooks gently at low temperatures, keeping the full taste of the food and sealing in the flavour. 
Half steam – Brings out the subtle textures of food while keeping it moist and juicy. 
Quarter steam – Helps to create a crisp finish in baking, great for a golden crust on baked bread. 

The Electrolux Steam App for iPad and Android tablets has a selection of recipes and converts conventional oven recipes for the steam oven. 


Save yourself from having to clean the oven with chemical cleaners.

Catalytic ovens - heat-activated catalytic liners are triggered by heating the oven to 220°C. They oxidise the grease residue, leaving the surface clean and grease-free. 

Pyrolytic ovens - select the self-clean programme and the oven will heat up to 500°C, reducing any residue and grease to a fine ash that you can simply wipe away with a cloth. 

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View our full range of ovens to find the one best suited to you and your cooking. 

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