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Air Care

Air Care Z9122


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This product comes with

  • Odour sensor The Odour sensor is like an " electronic nose " for automatic control and reduction of hazardous gazes or solvents, which are trapped in the active carbon filter.
  • Active carbon filter The active carbon filter reduces smells and odours in an efficient way. The Carbon filter for Oxygen is also used as a prefilter to reduce the dust load of the HEPA filter.
  • Remote control With the remote control you can easily adjust the speed of the air cleaner in a convenient way.
  • Filter indicator The filter indicator tells you when it is time to wash or change the filter.

Specifications for Z9122 - Air CareBack to top

  • Voltage 230
  • Model Number Z9122
  • Cord length (m) 2
  • Weight (kg) 6.8
  • Cord storage: Yes
  • Sensor odor No
  • Sensor dust No
  • Filter type: HEPA Washable
  • Filter carbon Yes
  • Width (mm) 420
  • Height (mm) 550
  • Depth (mm) 210
  • Colour White
  • Bar Code 5999554152417

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