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image of kitchen with Inspiration Range appliances


Almost half of all Michelin-starred European restaurants use Electrolux appliances. We’ve used our professional expertise and adapted a new range just for you.

The range brings together the best quality materials and modern, distinctive design that will seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. With features inspired by our professional expertise, each appliance in the range gives great results every time.

Great cooking, no effort

It takes years of training to be a professional chef. Luckily, our new Electrolux Inspiration Range combines intuitive user interfaces with great features adapted from our professional range giving you the confidence to create new dishes each and every day.

Sleek and minimalist, our new range will also effortlessly fit into your kitchen. Its consistent iconic flow line and quality detailing, from the seamlessly smooth surface of our induction hob to the choice of seasonal colours for our fridge-freezer this range radiates beauty - outside and in.

Great cooking, no effort.

Food fresh up to 7 days longer

Professional chefs know it’s vital to use fresh produce. Our FreshPlus fridge-freezer circulates cool air throughout for the perfect balance of coolness and humidity. Store your food anywhere inside - and it will stay fresh up to three times longer. It’s also fully frost free, so you’ll never need to defrost again.

All pans, all recipes

Professional chefs need instant, precise heat control. Our InfinitePureTM induction hob with DirectAccess lets you choose exactly the right heat with just one touch. You can also combine two cooking zones together, so you can get great results whatever the size of your pan, whatever the dish you’re cooking.

The power of steam and heat

Top chefs often combine steam with conventional heat for better results, faster. With our CombiSteam Deluxe Oven, you can cook with steam – the best way to preserve food’s natural flavour and goodness. Or combine steam with heat for meat with a mouth-watering tenderness and crisp, golden outside. Plus you can bake, roast, grill and even slow cook.

Great looks, great results

Professional kitchens need to remove smoke and steam, quickly and efficiently. Our Pearl Hood will do this for your kitchen. It assesses the smoke and heat in your kitchen – then chooses the best setting for maximum freshness. Its exceedingly efficient brushless motor also uses minimal electricity, is whisper quiet and lasts longer.

Cook to perfection

Cook to perfection

Preserve food’s natural flavour with the power of steam and heat. Our CombiSteam Deluxe oven gives you the versatility to get the best results, faster.

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Instant and precise heat control

Our InfinitePure™ induction hobs let you choose exactly the right heat with just one touch. It automatically adjusts to the shape of pots and pans and heats quickly, so no energy is wasted heating empty areas

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Combi Steam Deluxe

CombiSteam Deluxe

The Electrolux InfinitePure hob

The Electrolux InfinitePure hob

Fresh Plus

Fresh Plus