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It's a matter of taste

The Intensive cooling and freezing feature can be used to quickly lower the temperature when cooling fresh food. This helps preserve the flavour, nutritional value and appearance of food, in addition to protecting food already stored.

It's all about freshness and taste.

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Kitchen trends

quick trend article

Tap into a greener water supply

Whether we shipped it in from the foothills of...

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Fresh Food

No one likes to see food wasted.

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Kitchen stars from around the world

No matter where people live, they have tales to tell about their kitchen experiences - starring roles in the heart of the home.

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Martina Vocasek

I love cooking and entertaining and I guess I'm a bit of a party girl. My kitchen is my stage and I love to put on a show in front of my guests. Read more

Johan Bjerke

I love to cook and my open plan kitchen is ideal since it allows me to entertain while cooking. Read more

Anna Rubanowicz

A nice, sunny day, I was sitting in my kitchen, drinking my favorite tea. Suddenly, my dishwasher reminded me that the dishes were ready. Read more

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