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The secrets of luscious linen

Fresh as a Daisy

There's nothing better than climbing into a bed with crisp, clean linen or climbing out of a bath and wrapping your self in a big, soft, fluffy towel. But how do you get that spa-fresh feeling at home? Here are a few pointers to getting luxurious linen and extra soft towels.

How to cope with Soap

Using the right amount of detergent is really important. Too much and your clothes can feel hard and be irritable on the skin. Too little and you won't get rid of those stubborn stains. So check out what the manufacturer suggests and make sure you are putting the powder or liquid in the right place. Oh, and here's a tip. Check the water hardness in your area - soft water needs less detergent than hard water to get things clean.

Decreasing the Creasing

Here's a tip to give your linen that professionally laundered finishing touch. As soon as the drying cycle has finished, take your sheets out of the dryer, give them a good shake and fold them up neatly. When it comes to doing the ironing, there will be much fewer creases to worry about.

Tumble Time

For fluffy towels and loveable linen you can't do better than taking them out of the washer and putting them straight in the tumble dryer. And the best part? They're much easier to iron too!

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