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Choosing the Right Electrolux Cooker Hood

With more of us living, eating and entertaining in the kitchen, a good cooker hood has never been more important. It clears the air of cooking smells and generally makes for a more pleasant living environment. They come in types and sizes to suit all kitchens - from stunning centrepieces to discreetly functional models.

A wide variety

Our range of modern hoods have been designed with you and your needs in mind. They are as visual or as discreet as you want them to be, from Island hoods and Designer hoods to Traditional hoods and Integrated hoods.

Replace or Remodel?

Are you replacing an old cooker hood, or buying one for a new kitchen. Although they are not thought of that much, most cooker hoods are very visible in the room, so make sure you get one that matches the rest of the kitchen.

Go with the Flow

Ducting is far more efficient than recirculation, though this is only possible if you have access to an outside wall. Ducting is when the air is drawn through the ducts and expelled outside, whilst recirculation simply filters the air (via grease filters and a charcoal filter) and returns it to the kitchen.  All our hood offer both options.

Seen but not heard

If you live, eat and entertain in the kitchen, then noise level is very important - no one wants to compete with a hood for ear-time! Our quietest hoods are just 57 dB(A).

Take it up a Level

Electrolux cooker hoods have up to three speed settings so you can clear unpleasant smells in seconds.

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