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Choosing the Right Electrolux Hob

Whether you prefer gas or electric, contemporary or chunky, induction or gas on glas, you will find plenty to choose from in our Global Design Range.

New Hob or New Kitchen?

If you are just changing an old hob you could replace it with exactly the same size and style. That said, if your kitchen fittings allow you could change to another fuel type. If you are installing a new kitchen however, make sure you choose an Electrolux Hob that is going to give you the best results, and looks part of the complete design.

Introducing Induction

Induction is really like cooking by magnetism! Heat is only activated when there is a pan on the hob - and it is instantaneous, which means induction cooking is faster than gas and also more controllable.  Because there is no radiant heat, nothing bakes onto the hob so it will stay looking good as new! It is the most energy efficient form of hob cooking too!

Keeping it Clean

Pots bubbling over can only mean one thing - a very dirty hob. If you find cleaning your gas hob difficult you may want to consider changing to an Electrolux ceramic hob or even our state of the art Electrolux Induction Hob. Both of which can be cleaned in a flash!

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