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Choosing the Right Electrolux Dishwasher

Choose a dishwasher that suits you and your kitchen. Every modern kitchen deserves a dishwasher, that is stylish, efficient and easy to use.That is why our range of integrated and semi-integrated models are all AA rated or energy and wash performance; have cleverly designed interiors for easy loading and a great choice of programmes to suit you and the dishes you are washing.

Size it Up

Electrolux has a range of dishwashers to suit your family size and the space available in your kitchen.  Full size dishwashers have 12 IEC place settings, slimline models have 9 IEC place settings and the compact model has 6 IEC place settings.

A Bit of Quiet Time?

Maintaining a peaceful home environment is a top priority for Electrolux. Our range of dishwashers are designed especially with this in mind, keeping noise to a minimum. In fact, Electrolux dishwashers are so quiet we have a RED BEAM  - as small red light shines on the floor to let you know when the dishwasher is operating.

Nice & Simple

Let's face it, washing the dishes isn't the most complicated chore we have to do. And likewise, Electrolux dishwashers aren't the most complicated appliances in the kitchen. There are however a few things you should look out for. Make sure the one you choose at least has both an intensive and economy programme. For more flexibility, you may also want to go with an AUTO programme, a 30min quick wash and a lower temperature wash, which is better for your delicate glasses and china.

A Little Water Goes a Long Way

Electrolux have range of AAA rated dishwashers which use only 12 litres of water for each full load, with no loss in performance. Did you know you would need 103 litres of water to wash by hand the same size load that a dishwasher would use just 12 litres for!

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