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Quick Trends

Kitchen Multiplicity

Kitchen/Living room? Living room/kitchen? Kitching Room? It doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s a fact that the lines between the two most social rooms in the home are becoming well and truly blurred.

This is down to two things. Firstly, our living spaces are generally becoming smaller, particularly in the urban environment where most of us live in. Secondly, the role of the kitchen as purely a place to prepare food is changing. It’s now a place to eat, meet and relax. This however means that designers have to come up with evermore ingenious solutions to make the limited space work hard and satisfy our hunger for sociability.

With a bit of clever design, sinks and ovens can be hidden away behind sliding doors - instantly creating more of a lounge feel to the room. Dining tables can convert to coffee tables in seconds, simply by adjusting the height of the legs. We’re also seeing a rise in popularity of the kitchen island. This simple design feature breaks a larger room into zones, without the need for walls – so the space is still social.

As we move towards a more integrated lifestyle, a lifestyle of multipurpose, open planned spaces, the lines will continue to blur. And sociability, that very human attribute, will become core to how our homes are designed.

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