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Quick Trends

High-tech textiles

We may not all be flying around on our personal jetpacks just yet, but there are a few predictions from yesteryear that appear to be coming a reality. And nowhere is it more apparent than in the crazy world of smart textile development.

Technologists and fashionistas from all over the world are getting together to produce some of the most inventive clothing the world has ever seen. Of course technologically advanced clothing is not a new thing. Fibres like Gor-Tex have been around for years, but with the advances in nanotechnology we seen an explosion of innovation.

For a start the use of paraffin infused fibres, to help regulate temperature, is on the rise. Paraffin changes state depending on temperature. So as a wearer gets hot, the paraffin becomes more liquid and heat is passed out through the clothes. As it gets cooler it solidifies again and any heat is trapped inside the clothing. Clever stuff.

At the more embarrassing end of the spectrum we’re also always looking for ways to prevent body odour. Microencapsulation techniques allow us to now add silver compounds to textiles and fabrics. Silver is a well-known anti-microbial agent, and as a result those socks will stay fresher for much longer. Microencapsulation also accounts for Aloe Vera enriched clothes for people who suffer from dry skin and clothes that are insect repellent could have a huge effect in countries that have a problem with malaria. And this is all happening now. Just what the future has in store is anyone’s guess.

Maybe we’ll get our jet packs after all, they just be built in to our clothes.

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