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Quick Trends

Let’s Go Techno

Technophobes beware. Gadgets & gizmos are on the march and are making a beeline straight for the kitchen.

The kitchen has always had its fair share of technology. Most of which was specifically aimed at improving your cooking skills, or just making life in the kitchen a little bit easier. But the role of the kitchen is changing. Nowadays it’s a place to meet and connect. It’s the hub of the home where we share our stories, relax and get some down time. And this metamorphosis brings with a brave new world of converged devices, ready and waiting to ease our way through the day.

TVs and radios are not new to the kitchen, but now designers are realising that they have become essential and are incorporating them into their designs. Wi-Fi has paved the way for the computer to also set up shop and become a useful piece of kitchen hardware. Fridges tell you when they are too cold, ovens tell you when the roast is perfect and dishwashers can disconnect themselves from the mains when they’re finished – just to save you some money. And that’s just the present. In the future everything in the kitchen will be converged – connecting, communicating & optimising.

So next time you’re down the shops looking for a new toaster, see if it’s future-proofed. You never know, in a couple of years it might be able to make your whole breakfast.

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