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Tap into a greener water supply

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Whether we shipped it in from the foothills of some distant island volcano or drained it from an Alpine glacier, it seemed for many years that we couldn’t get enough of bottled water. Clever marketing convinced us that it was the health fanatic’s drink of choice and as a result we saw the rise and rise of the plastic bottle – a major contributor to Europe’s landfill waste.

That however, all seems to be changing. Tap water is going through a renaissance and as we all strive to live greener lives more and more of us are returning to mains supply for our water. Mains water has been improving in many areas throughout Europe. Plus, with the advent of home filter systems, like the ones from Brita, today’s tap water is comparable to bottled water, in terms of purity.

But it’s not just about being eco-friendly. Having fresh water pumped straight into your kitchen, particularly if it’s cooled and filtered via your fridge, is just plain convenient. And when you compare the cost of tap to bottled water you’ll soon see why it’s making a comeback.

So next time your in need of a cool drink of the good stuff, take a little time to think how it got to your glass. And if it’s coming straight in from the mains, you could be doing your bit for your pocket and the planet.

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