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Quick Trends

Fresh Food

No one likes to see food wasted. But to help us stay fit and healthy we all need to make sure our food is as fresh as possible. So food waste is inevitable, right?

Well, not so say the legions of people around the world who are joining the trend in growing their own food. If it’s fresh, local produce you’re after you can’t get more local than your own back garden or window box. And there are so many advantages to maintaining your own vegetable patch.

For a start it’ll be the freshest food you eat. Which not only lowers your environmental impact by reducing the amount of food miles, but it’ll taste better than anything from the shops too. Plus you’ll be confident that only the good stuff is in your food and it’s completely free of additives.

It also means you can be seasonal and grow food that is perfect for the time of year. And as gardening is great aerobic exercise, just doing a little regularly can help you get fitter.

But it’s the reduction in food waste that is the best advantage. Straight from the garden to the kitchen and anything you don’t use will last much longer in the fridge. And if you still find yourself not eating everything, just compost it down and use it to fertilise your next crop of delicious home grown produce.

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