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Kitchen Stars

Adele Grefors


Adele Grefors Retired


Our story

Your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be big to succeed as a good cook in it. During 15 happy years, the midsummer celebration has always been the highlight of each year, where at least 20 of my friends join me to celebrate. When the night arrives and it's time for everybody to go to sleep, we have to use every single place available in the house to fit in, including the sofa and inflatable mattresses.

The kitchen is always crowded with both young and old people. The children often spend their time on the kitchen worktop, pealing potatoes as my husband Eric discreetly mixes his special spice mixture to go along with a Swedish spirit called “Snaps”. Outside the window, you would see the rest of the guests playing games, swimming in the sea and having a good time.

All of my drawers and cupboards are stuffed with all sorts of things. When my daughter and my grandchildren visit me, they always ask me if they can have some of it – but I am reluctant to get rid of them since each item possesses a memory in some way...