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Small but perfectly formed

Compact living

Small but perfectly formed

The look

The world’s getting smaller. But just because you haven't got a huge kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t have a dream kitchen. Our beautiful compact appliances are small but perfectly formed offering the same high specification and styling as full appliances. Mix and match to create your own bank of appliances.  Or combine them with a full size oven for a truley sensational cooking centre.

How we did it

Our range of compact appliances are perfectly styled and coordinated to allow you to create a 'wall' of appliances in various configurations - a row, a column or a square for example. There is no compromise on the quality or specification.  Each and every one has all the features of a top full size model in a compact version. 

Personlise your space

Personalise your kitchen to suit your taste with our stunning range of compact appliances.


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