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A Rendezvous with the Future


Creating future concepts are an opportunity for a designer’s mind to go wild. And often, because the idea is so far-fetched, there’s no hope of the product ever being built. But when the Electrolux Global Design Team has an idea, they not only make sure it’s achievable, they ensure it fits the needs of the future consumer. And that’s just what they have done with the incredible Rendez-Vous.

Cooking, eating, socialising - everyday activities that we increasingly love to combine. This is the crux of the Rendez-Vous concept. It’s an interactive table that allows the whole ‘Meal Process’ to take place simultaneously.

Energy Shield

The key to the design is the futuristic Energy Shield technology used for the table’s surface. This enables any electrical appliance, like a mobile phone or food blender, to be powered wirelessly - just by placing it on the surface. The surface also acts as an inductive cooking system. Sensors detect when a pan is placed anywhere on the table and cleverly directs heat to that area and nowhere else.

Below the table’s surface you’ll find a fully customisable, modular system of drawers and fittings that are built to house other kitchen appliances, like an oven or refrigerator. And there’s even a little extra help for those of use who aren’t very good at cooking in the shape of a virtual chef to guide you through the more tricky recipes.

By bringing all these functions into one place also means there will be a lot of space saved. Which is something that will become of primary importance as our living areas continue to get smaller and more compact.

Although the Rendez-Vous is still only a concept, the technology needed to make it happen is very much a reality. And as more of us demand to have a multipurpose living space, a new dawn for the kitchen may be just around the corner.