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Meet the Rendez-Vous

An interactive table concept from Electrolux that brings the future of social cooking to here and now.

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Technology Innovation News

The kitchen of the future

According to the UN, 74 percent of the world population will live in cities by 2050. This high level of urbanisation means that we have to rethink the way we’re using space, energy and our...

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How it works

From Insight to Innovation

Healthy Cooking

The Inspiro is a very clever oven- rather than just measuring the air temperature with a thermometer...

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Space: The Final Frontier

For the first time in history, more of us live in cities than in the country. Our living spaces are...

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Innovative Products

Design Lab

Design Lab is an annual global design competition open to undergraduate and graduate industrial design students who are invited to present innovative ideas for household appliances of the future.
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Meet the designers


It's all about making our controls & interfaces intuitive and pleasant to use, says Mall Allpere, Interaction Design Manager at our Industrial Design Centre.

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