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The Secret Ingredient

Electrolux Secret Ingredient - Tom Kitchin - Kitchen

At home with a Michelin star chef

Scotland’s youngest recipient of a Michelin star, Tom Kitchin, and his Swedish wife, Michaela, kindly invited us into their home kitchen. Featuring the latest from the Electrolux Inspiration range, they demonstrate the amazing flavours you can achieve with the right appliances. Just like they do at their Edinburgh restaurant, The Kitchin, where they also use Electrolux to create culinary delights. 

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Tom Kitchin's pheasant recipe

Michelin star chef, Tom Kitchin, showed us a quick and simple way to cook delicious pheasant at home. This wild bird is a great example of the fresh seasonal produce Scotland has to offer. Tom only uses locally-sourced ingredients in his restaurant, The Kitchin, where their ‘From Nature to Plate’ philosophy is at the heart of everything they do.

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Electrolux Secret Ingredient - Tom Kitchin - Pheasant

What’s your #secretingredient?

Discover new tastes and techniques with Michelin star chefs, including Carlo Cracco, Simon Hulstone, Nicola Fossaceca and Magnus Nilsson. We filmed these world renowned chefs sharing their own secret ingredients. Watch the videos for tips on how you can achieve the best results at home.

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Secret Ingredient tips

The Secret Ingredient is designed to expand culinary capabilities within domestic kitchens by way of hints, tips and techniques, gathered in collaboration with our partner chefs from across Europe. To bring the idea to life, Electrolux is sharing a series of ‘secret ingredient’ infographics that can be downloaded, printed and framed to brighten any kitchen.


Coffee, believed to be of Ethiopian origins, spread across the Red Sea into Yemen before migrating through the Arab world and all the way up to Venice (an early coffee pioneer). It was a fashionable drink in Versailles under Louis XIV, inspired by the ambassador for the then Ottoman Empire. The coffee mill, for grinding beans to brew, was invented in 1687. You can download our Infographic to find out more and get the recipe for some delicious chocolate and coffee truffles.

Download Coffee pdf


Smoke has been a key component in cooking since the Neolithic period, prized for its preservative powers, helping fresh foods last through even the harshest conditions. In the refrigeration age, though, smoke has become much more about the taste it imparts. These days top chefs and ambitious home cooks use hints of wood smoke to impart delicate accents, find out how you can benefit by downloading our poster!

Download Sichuan pepper pdf

Secret Ingredient Collection

All of our Secret Ingredients infographics gathered in one place. Thus far we have focused on Clams, Watermelon, Sichuan Pepper, and Lentils. For exciting ways to cook with these easily found ingredients infographics featuring a history of each ingredient and a recipe can be found here.

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