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Watch the winner release from the exciting awards ceremony in Milan
On October 29, 2012

Electrolux Design Director and jury member Thomas Johansson describes the line-up for this year's final as 'The best ever', we can only agree with him!

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In India Have logged these complaints and have paid 10,000Rs in multiple installments for fridge repair. From compressor to timer to condenser have been changed… not sure what is left to change and the fridge is not working. After multiple complaints in a month your service people have asked for money today for service charges. Your people don’t have even courtesy not to ask for this when all past complaint numbers have been shared. Even now the fridge is not working. Below are the list of complaint numbers. Hope some one is there listening…………………. Have logged 6 complaints starting 17Aug till date IDs Date Complaint no. March 2012 Two complaints whose no were not given by your call center 17-Aug EGZB 170812 0098 10-Sep EGZB 100912 0067 24-Sep EGZB 240912 0009 3-Oct EGZB 031012 0018 10-Oct EGZB 101012 0064 29 Oct EGZB2910120020 I will not recommend any one to buy Electrolux products. They have the worse products and pathetic service network.
Posted by Nitin | Date October 29, 2012
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