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Behind the scenes Design Lab final 2012
On November 07, 2012

The final event of the Design Lab 2012 competition in the Triennale design museum in Milan was an exciting highlight to the months of anticipation for the top 10 finalists. The event gathered 200 journalists, bloggers and design influencers around the world. The finalists all presented their concepts to the jury consisting of award winning chef Davide Oldani, distinguished designer Dante Donegani, popular design blogger Kelly Beall and Thomas Johansson, Design Director at Electrolux. In addition to the finalist presentations, the event presented an innovative Culinary Workshop with cheff Paolo Pettenuzzo and Electrolux designer Bruno Lizotte as well as a roundtable discussion with Chief Design Officer Stafano Marzano and socialogist Francesco Morace regarding how the visions of future innovations have changed in ten years.

Watch the highlights video to go behind the scenes of Design Lab 2012 finals, see close up's of the best concepts of the year and also interesting interviews of Thomas Johansson, head of jury and Design Director at Electrolux, Stefano Marzano, Chief Design Officer of Electrolux, winner of the competition Jan Ankiersztajn, Poland, second place Ben de la Roche, New Zealand and third place Christopher Holm-Hansen, Denmark.

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