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Interview with Electrolux Design Lab 2012 finalist Yunuén Hernández
On October 23, 2012

The excitement and adventure of creating something new is what makes cooking fun. Mo'Sphere allows the user to experiment with and experience new flavours and sensations through the exciting world of "molecular cooking". Until now the realm of molecular cooking has been dominated by celebrity chefs and Five Star restaurants. With Mo'Sphere your kitchen becomes a place of exciting new creations and tastes the like you've never known.

What was the inspiration for your concept?
The tips on this year’s Electrolux Design Lab brief were really interesting. I started watching videos from Chefs all around the world and I just couldn’t get out of it. I found full sensorial experience in molecular cooking, mainly lead by the Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià and I decided to take it as my inspiration. Regarding aesthetics I found inspiration in the “Molecule” concept itself, combined with some other sources as trends in architecture, materials and Scandinavian traditional design.

How does your concept fit into the brief: Design Experience?
Mo’Sphere’s main proposal is to help enjoy molecular cooking within an authentic experience. This time the main purpose is not to pursue a digital experience: “We sense the real world”. The world of food is maybe the one in which we awaken the most of our senses.The Kitchen is possibly the place where we pay more attention to our senses, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing. So “the visual is just one of many human senses”. We might have experienced molecular cooking in a trendy restaurant, but what about taking this to our home? What about offering new experiences to our own guests? “Experience is luxury” and now we can bring it directly to us. Mo’Sphere is proposed to enjoy the full-sensorial experience of preparing molecular dishes. Why not take this as an excuse to socialize? The kitchen is still the “heart of the home” but this time in a different way. Finally, Mo’Sphere could be used by professional Chefs as well as by people at home: “Consumers want professional performance”.

Why would a consumer want to own your concept?
Going to a restaurant has always been a fascinating experience within itself. Consumers keep great expectations on how is the dish going to taste and even how is it going to be presented. It involves mystery, emotion and luxury. Based on the brief, I did a research on restaurants, the enjoyable experience of going there as well as researching the most representative Chefs now-a-days. Moreover, I watched a variety of videos talking about molecular cuisine and its process. I watched a pair of Conference several times where Chefs were presenting their philosophy and passion about their profession. Mo’Sphere is not supposed to compete with the experience a restaurant offers, but it can make people happy if some part of this experience can be brought home. In addition, performing as a professional Chef at home with an easy use appliance might be amazing for the consumer.

What kind of materials would you use to build your concept?
Mo’Sphere is proposed to be built mainly with Glass, Stainless steel, and Porcelain. The Tesla Motor just needs magnets. Some details would be built in bamboo wood and silicon rubber.

What is inspiring you most in the culinary experience?
The passion of chefs is the one thing inspiring me. It is not only the fact of tasting and enjoying food. The whole process of preparing it can be, of course, an enjoyable, amazing world

Who is your favorite designer?
This is difficult question. I would say Dieter Rams and Ives Behar are definitely present in my mind not only because of their convincing and congruent way of designing, but also because of the legacy they have been building in regards to the design industry. Regarding entrepreneurship and aesthetics I would say I admire the young English designer Benjamin Hubert. Apart from that I cannot avoid mentioning Alberto Villareal from Mexico. He has been able to keep himself next to the real design industry participating in awarded projects internationally and has taken care of social work in our country, always applying design.

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