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Sketches from 2012 semi-finalists

Electrolux Design Lab 2012 - Sketches from the semi-finalists

Aeroball by Jan Ankiersztajn
Cruet Salt & Pepper by Harry Hale
Easystir by Lisa Frodadottir Låstad



Ingresure by Jongwoo Choi

Touch by Markus Marks

Fiery by Karen I Man Cheong



Be There by Mikus Vanags

Fridge Nose by Vilius Dringelis

Hula Washer by Sang-Soon Lee



ICE by Julen Pejenaute

Mo.Sphere by Yunuen Hernandez

Sensual Control by Malgorzata Szostak



Smart Embossed Blender by HwaJin Ock

Smartplate by Julian Caraulani

Tempo Blender by Fu Chun Wan



Hurricane by Kuan-ting Ho

Wine Stewart by Roman Blahynka

Wentylor by Michal Pospiech



Airômes by Mylène Baillet

Julienne by Florent Corlay

Memory by WenYao Cai


Visit Electrolux Design Lab on Flickr to download the sketches in high resolution.