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Jury 2012


Award winning chef, distinguished designer and popular design blogger to judge ten international finalists in Milan, Italy 25th October in the 10th Electrolux Design Lab competition.

The winner of the 2012 Electrolux Design Lab will be looking to impress a jury of professionals at a live event in Milan, Italy on the 25th of October. Chef and restaurateur Davide Oldani, renowned designer Dante Donegani, popular design blogger Kelly Beall and Design Director at Electrolux, Thomas Johansson will judge the finalists as they present their concepts for household appliances that give us new, fuller sensory experiences.


Thomas Johansson – Design Director, Electrolux

Thomas Johansson has been working at Electrolux since 2004. His extensive experience in the company ranges from leading international design teams in both small appliances and major appliances to creating an entirely new range of white goods. In his recent work Johansson has orchestrated the creative development of a completely new household appliance range, which was launched at EuroCucina in Milan in April 2012. Thomas Johansson has professional design work experience for over 20 years and he has developed and led numerous award-winning, customer-led innovation initiatives and designs. Before joining Electrolux, Johansson held designer positions at companies such as Caran, Bombardier Transportation and Rosenblad & Co..



Kelly Beall – founder of Design Crush blog, USA

Kelly Beall’s blog, Design Crush, has been her love letter to the design community since 2007. Beall has a background as a graphic designer and a creative consultant, but she is most passionate about finding inspiration, sharing design stories and supporting interesting designers through social media channels. Giving designers a voice and spreading their names and talents far and wide is what she does best. Beall has been a guest speaker at the Altitude Design Summit for the past three years, and has been featured on several high profile sites such as Herman Miller, Etsy, and the Huffington Post. In her free time Beall is passionate about cooking and listening to music.





Dante Donegani – Director of MA in Design Domus Academy, Milan, Italy

Designer Dante Donegani has for nearly 20 years been the Director of Design Masters course at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. Donegani has designed interior design projects for private homes and stores, numerous trade fairs, showrooms and exhibitions. In addition he has designed products for several companies including Memphis, Stildomus, Isuzu, Luceplan, Rotaliana, Edra and ViceVersa. A number of his works have been displayed in such cultural institutions as Centre Georges Pompidou and the Triennale in Milan. Many of his projects have won awards in the fields of design and architecture, including 1st prize for “Manhattan Waterfront”, New York 1998 and 1st prize for “Berlin Wall”, Berlin 1987.



Davide Oldani -– founder and chef of D'O Restaurant, Milan, Italy

Davide Oldani established D'O Restaurant in 2003 after years of working with such world-renowned chefs as Albert Roux, Alain Ducasse and Pierre Hermé. Located in Milan, Italy, D'O reflects Oldani's philosophy of "Cucina POP": food that is accessible, excellent and difficult to imitate. But Oldani's philosophy doesn't stop there. “POP vision” has also been translated into furnishing, accessories and tools, inspired by his passion for design. Oldani was awarded his first Michelin Star in 2004 as well as the "Ambrogino d'Oro" in 2008. Oldani is working in close cooperation with Electrolux and in his professional work uses Electrolux appliances to create culinary experiences.